Three New Landscapes

The untitled mountain scene by Raphael Lillywhite (1929) along with the untitled Platte scene by Alexis Comparet and Harvey Otis Young’s The Clearing (c.1880) are all very recent acquisitions (in 2008) that have been added to Kirkland Museum to further strengthen our collection of early landscape paintings. All three are included in our current exhibition (January 2008), Driven to Abstraction: Colorado Art from 1880 to 2007.
The Clearing is especially notable because of Young’s combined use of different materials. The first layers of pigment are watercolor which can easily be seen in the sky background. Young then layered oil paint on top to create the detailed scene. Hmm, oil and watercolor together…sound like any other painter you know of?

Untitled Mountain Scene by Raphael Lillywhite (1929)

Comparet Scene Along The Platte

Untitled Platte Scene by Alexis Comparet


The Clearing by Harvey Otis Young (c.1880)

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  1. Gerald says:

    love it!

  2. bob ragland says:

    I just found the blog. Good to see some old fashioned art included in the collection. By old fashioned , I mean traditional work.
    Just to be on the record , I like Jackson Pollack as well as Andrew Wyeth.

    Bob Ragland

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